Beethoven Remixed: An Evening of Reimagined String Quartets

The Engadget Show 30: DJ Spooky, Google, Toy Fair and a pinball museum

DLD (Digital, Life, Design) interview with DJ Spooky

DJ Spooky video interview about the Cape Farewell expedition to the Far Arctic

DJ Spooky interview at Moogfest

DJ Spooky concert at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

DJ Spooky At TATE Modern London 2010

Interview with DJ Spooky on Big Think

Brian Lehrer Live

DJ Spooky interview podcast on Low Times

DJ Spooky interview in NYCulturebeat [Korean]

DJ Spooky feature in SYFY Campaign

John Schaefer interview with DJ Spooky on The Book of Ice accompanied live by the Telos Ensemble on WNYC

DJ Spooky in Mother Jones Magazine

DJ Spooky interview in association with PBS Show "The Calling"

Resampling Jean Cocteau at the Guggenheim

A Million Track Mind: Interview in Psychology Today

DJ Spooky on Nauru Elegies:
Renegade Economists Podcast

DJ Spooky on The Signal: Interview

DJ Spooky on The Takeaway: CIVIL RIGHTS UNBOUND

DJ Spooky on (Finland)

William Safir: Rifacimento

Interview on

DJ Spooky featured on 'Living on Earth'

DJ Spooky interview about Sound Unbound on Gestalten

DJ Spooky interviewed for a one-hour special on Remix Culture, on over 150 NPR stations

    Rebirth of a NationORDER NOW!!!

Sound UnboundOUT NOW! DJ Spooky's "Sound Unbound"

Creation Rebel on iTunesCREATION REBEL MIX CD on Trojan Records
// AMAZON // iTunes

Yoko OnoDJ Spooky has produced material on the new Yoko Ono album.

Rhythm Science RHYTHM SCIENCE:
Book with CD on MIT Press //website

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DJ Spooky on the cover of Art Voices Magazine DJ Spooky is the cover star of

DJ Spooky: All of the Above
October/November 2012 Issue
Article by Shane McAdams.

Spooky is the rare artist that toggles between nerdy, technical indulgence, and sentient inventorying of the human condition. I’ve heard Spooky comment on several occasions, in regard to this eclecticism and reach, that it’s “all just one big record.” Which is funny, because it’s an omnivorous approach to art-making that sends me back to the Renaissance and Leonard’s flying machines, as much as it anticipates the next century, where the digital technology Spooky embraces will reign. So, one wonders: is Spooky a throwback, a contemporary, or an oracle?

// READ INTERVIEW [web] [pdf]

DJ Spooky - Smithsonian App


Dj Spooky has contributed music and narrated the new App from The Smithsonian Museum traveling retrospective of Romare Bearden for iOS and Android operating systems.

The Book of Ice by Paul D. Miller

// READ at

DJ Spooky with Brooklyn Rider at Q2 Music
On Thursday, Nov. 8 at 7 pm, Q2 Music presented an evening of remixes and re-imaginings of Beethoven's string quartets as part of parent station WQXR's month-long Beethoven bacchanalia, Beethoven Awareness Month

Monopol Magazine DJ Spooky interview in Monopol

// READ [German]
// Monopol Magazine

WRECKROOM presents DJ Spooky
Check Your Math
This song, Check Your Math, was mixed on his iPad using his app ( ) and accompanied by young masters of live sound Jake Taylor on cello and Patti Kilroy on violin. Enjoy. Video: Shot by Damien Paris & Andrei Zakow. Edited by Damien Paris Audio: Recorded & Mixed by Brian Koerber.

DJ Spooky Performance At PSFK CONFERENCE NYC
In this video from PSFK CONFERENCE NYC, DJ Spooky presents a live music mash-up of his Antartica-inspired music using a violinist and a DJ using his app. In setting up the performance, the musician and artist spoke to PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes about how apps have absorbed the way early types of multimedia haveworked (including the phonograph and kinescope) and that the app has changed the creative act more than anything because of its ubiquity.

DJ Spooky featured in SYFY Channels "Lets Imagine Greater" Campaign
March 2012

DJ Spooky Rescores Alexander Dovzhenko's Earth (Zemlya)
February 2012
DLD Conference
To DJ Spooky, everything's connected
By Todd Leopold, CNN
January 28, 2012

Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky "That Subliminal Kid") discusses his role in the Ballet Austin production, The Mozart Project.
September 28th, 2011

The Guardian UK did a series of graphic design initiatives about music and this is one of the results. I'm at the intersection of John Cage and avant garde hip hop... funny map. A group of graphic designers in London has been doing maps of music influences as remixed urban topologies etc.
Quite amusing/sharp.
Direct Link for Download

Also, Edward Tufte's response (you know, the guy who wrote "Envisioning Information") to the London subway map (it's old though) //HERE

Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky speaks candidly with director Julian Schnabel and screenwriter Rula Jebreal about their controversial new film Miral, the 60 plus year old conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the perverse political landscape surrounding the release of Miral.
April 10, 2011

DJ Spooky in dialog with Lawrence Lessig (Founder of Creative Commons), and David Cheah, General Counsel to Vimeo in dialog at
Vimeo's Headquarters. in NY 8/10/10
Interview: Vanuatu Pacifica Project with DJ Spooky
Posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010

DJ Spooky at TATE Modern
London 2010

DJ Spooky iPhone App Mixer

Babylonia 5000 Mix
by DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid

You can download the mix from HERE

I made this mix with my iPhone app as a demo to show how you can beat match, sequence, and save mixes. All the sound effects come from customized sounds I sampled, edited, and created for the app.

Boombox Intro
Public Enemy + Dj Spooky - By The Time I get to Arizona 2010
Drum Solo w/MC5
Multiphonic - Dj Spooky + Rob Swift
As we Enter - Damian Marley + Nas
Feel it - Dj Felli Fell + Sean Paul + T-Pain
Do your thing - Firelinks
Whine up - Kat Deluna + Elephant Man
Heavy - Madlib
Supermagic - Mos Def
Nyakawai - Dj Spooky featuring Emmanuel Jal
Ha Ha - instrumental (Fat Joe)
Ha Ha (Slow Down) - Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek
Afrique System - Dj Spooky
Bouger Bouger - Magic System
Karolina - Awilo Longomba
Soulshakin - Dennis Christopher
Boom Boom Boom - The Black Eye Peas
Bang Bang - Rye Rye featuring M.I.A.
Go On Move - Reel to Real
Now is The What - Dj Spooky
No Diggity - J-Star
Lend me the Chopper - Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killa & Johnny Osbourne
Rock Bottom - Sanchez
Warriors - Ky-Mani Marley
Wicked Times - Ronny Thwaites
Hypocrites Ky-Mani Marley
Ice Cream Sound - Johnny Osbourne & Shabba Ranks
Upside Down - Carol Cool
Reggae Beat Goes On - Family Circle and Sweet Lady
Ciduad del Swing - Flowering Inferno
Baai - Emmanuel Jal
Yègellé Tezeta (My Own Memory) - Mulatu Astatke

YPLC Arts & Technology 101 with Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky from Nonlineari.nteractive on Vimeo.

Electronica at Lincoln Center with Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky on Friday, May 21, 2010 at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, 62nd & Broadway, New York City, NY. The evening featured a Multi-Media Art and Music Experience including a Dialogue with the Artist. DJ Spooky performed with Cellist Claire Bryant and Violinist Sarah Whitney. Jimmy Howe on Visual.

DJ Spooky iPhone App MixerInfinite Abstraktion: A New web mix by DJ Spooky using his iPhone App with Music Soft Arts

Artist Statement:
JG Ballard once said "history is a stage that needs to be swept clean." I agree. When I first heard Grand Master Flash's "Adventures on the Wheels of Steel" from 1981, I was blown away. Afrika Bambaata's "Death Mix" was cool, but Flash took things in a whole different direction.

That's what I wanted to do with this cell phone mix. That's the idea, and this is a demo mix. Using the new iPhone App I developed with Music Soft Arts, a NY based software producer, I decided to go through some mixes I've been working on and to create a free download of music from around the world that mirrored what Grandmaster Flash did in 1981 with his "Adventures..." Through the prism of my new album "The Secret Song" and the app on my cell phone, I just wanted to show how you can rock a party using material from your iTunes library and mix it with your record collection. The mix is pretty wild - there are remixes from artists as diverse as DJ Rekha, The Beastie Boys, The Budos Band, Sub Swara, The Coup, Major Lazer, Santogold, mashups from Daft Punk, Michael Jackson (Yeah!), and even Malcolm X hidden there. Not to mention many other mainstays of downtown NY's electronic music scene, like Anti-Pop Consortium. Basically, it's a mix straight from the heart of some of New York's finest collage artists! Check it and enjoy - remember - it's from a cell phone, and records mixed!!!

Talk about clearing the stage, eh!? With mobile media, there is NO stage, it's basically about creativity, on the spot, anywhere, anytime... Check the frequencies!!!

You can download the mix from HERE

And you can download the App from HERE

in peace, Paul aka DJ Spooky

Infinite Abstraktion Tracklist:

1. Robot Working. Then Stopping
2. Radical Change - Malcolm X
3. Invaders from the Planet Sqratch (feat. DJ Qbert) - DJ Revolution vs Dj Qbert
4. Multiphonic - Dj Spooky featuring Rob Swift
5. 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO DJ Spooky featuring The Coup (Medeski, Martin & Wood remix)
6. Volcano (Four Tet Remix) Anti-Pop Consortium
7. Bassnectar's Superstylin Smashup - Bassnectar vs Groove Armada
8. Decehall Party - DJ Xela
9. Fakir Alternate Remix - DJ Rekha (DJ Spooky remix)
10. Insh'allah - Sub Swara 11. Hold The Line (Mr Lex and Santogold) - Major Lazer
12. Hi Fidelity (Shambhala Riddim) - Sub Swara
13. Earth Break - Mr. Magic
14. Triple Trouble - The Beastie Boys
15. Big Money Comin' - Crookers
16. Aerodynamic - Daft Punk (Dj Spooky remix)
17 Michael Jackson 2 Many DJs vs DJ Spooky
18. 25 or 6 to 4 (Instrumental Track) [Karaoke In the Style of Chicago]
19. Say It Loud/Mind Power - James Brown
20. Respect - Aretha Franklin
21. Superstition - Stevie Wonder
22. Jamrock Collage - Damien Marley vs Dj Spooky
23. Anonymous Skulls - Medeski, Martin & Wood
24. Everything In Its Right Place (Dub Tribute to Radiohead) - Vitamin Dub
25. Two Face - Ticklah & Victor Axelrod

Public Enemy & DJ SpookyDJ Spooky and Chuck D (Public Enemy)
Remix of By the Time I Get to Arizona

Right-click HERE to download the track.

In the wake of Republican Governor Jan Brewer's appalling anti-immigrant law, me and Chuck D were rappin' and we decided to put together an update of his classic track By The Time I get To Arizona. Anyone who knows about hip hop from the early 90's remembers John McCain's unwillingness to endorse creating a local version of Martin Luther King's birthday. The update here is a 21st century look in the rear view mirror. The cliché that "those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" still holds sway in our hyper amnesiac culture. I remixed D.W. Griffith's infamous film Birth of a Nation with a bit of Public Enemy in mind, and later on, they named an e.p. with the same name as my project. Me and Chuck D have done several projects in the past around progressive, non knucklehead hip hop.

Please feel free to download this track and pass it around. We are the media. Feel free to pass it around!

By the way, this is a mashup, and it's basically not really for sale. I just took a riff from Philly Sound (, and flipped it. The result, is what you hear here. It's free, and open. No $!!

in peace,
Paul aka DJ Spooky

Rapper's Delight:
30 Years Later

On WNYC DJ Spooky and Keith Shocklee, of The Bombsquad, who produced Public Enemy, and Mark Anthony Neal, talk about the impact of Rapper's Delight.
DJ Spooky on GRITtv
There are few first person testimonies of life in Kim Jong Il's North Korea available for western viewers. NC Heikin's film, Kimjongilia: A Film About North Korea, named after the hybrid red begonia created in honor of Kim Jong Il’s 46th birthday, seeks to lift the veil on what remains the most isolated and closed society in the world. Heikin and Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, discuss the role of culture and information in a closed society.

The Art of Noise
Noise has been a musical ingredient from the 60’s rock (The Who, Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix) to the 70’s punk to experimental classical movements like Futurism and Dada, not to mention recent artists like Rhys Chatham and Sonic Youth. Today, Frank J. Oteri, founding editor of, and Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) talk about how to rethink everyday noise.

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky: Lectures on his new book Sound Unbound at Google's Corporate Headquarters
August 20, 2008

Daphne Keller, Senior Legal Counsel to Google, contributed an essay to Sound Unbound.
Ghost World: A Story in Sound for the Venice Biennal 2007
by Paul D. Miller


Brian Eno once famously remarked that the problem with computers is that there isn't enough Africa in them. I kind of think that its the opposite: they're bringing the ideals of Africa: after all, computers are about connectivity, shareware, a sense of global discussion about topics and issues, the relentless density of info overload, and above all the willingness to engage and discuss it all - that's something you could find on any street corner in Africa.

I just wanted to highlight the point: Digital Africa is here, and has been here for a while. This isn't "retro" - it's about the future.
Speak Your PowerFREE. WILL. POWER:
Protect the Future of a Pro-Choice America
Featuring music by DJ Spooky

Electronic Music Redefined
DJ Spooky & Greg Gillis (Girl Talk)
interviewed by Virginia Prescott
DJ Spooky discusses his new multimedia project “Terra Nova: The Antarctica Suite,” that aims to document the layers of information frozen in the continent. And Girl Talk discusses his forthcoming LP “Feed the Animals” and his decision to make digital copies available as a pay-what-you-choose download.
New Hampshire Public Radio, June 18, 2008
Interview with Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky
Amazon Wire #76- May 29, 2008
System Error: Al-Yamamah Mix
(Podcast Aesthetics)

A couple of years ago, a Saudi oil minister made what has become one of the more prophetic statements to come out of the Middle East in a long time: “The Stone Age didn’t end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil.” It was a lament, an acknowledgement that a day of reckoning was coming that would change the global balance of wealth and power.
//Read the Essay
//Listen to the Podcast

Interview with DJ Spooky on KQED
San Francisco from May 3rd, 2005
Waterline: The Sounds of Katrina
On the eve of Mardi Gras, Weekend America sent DJ Spooky to New Orleans to share his experiences in the city through words and music.

//Hear the podcast
//See photos

America has had a long history of urban disaster: from the British's attempted destruction of Washington D.C. in 1814, to later events like the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871, to the earthquake and subsequent fires that burned most of San Francisco in 1906. What made New Orlean's encounter with Katrina in August, 2005 different from all of the previous disasters was the scope, speed, and sheer sense of uncanny precision that destroyed man made levees that were specifically designed to stop just such an occurence. The flood waters that Katrina released follow a trajectory that mirrored many of the problems of America at the beginning of the 21st century, and showed that issues such as race, class, and how people respond to environmental devastation are still scripted by many of the issues that drove the 20th century's core conflicts. W.E.B. Dubois once proclaimed that "the problem of the 20th century will be the colorline." In effect he described a situation where race divided people along lines, that in many senses were artificial. At the beginning of the 21st century - as we face a rapidly changing global environment, Katrina pointed out - many of the issues that he described are still with us. The material I have gathered is for a show based on interviews that were conducted with people from many different walks of life. The show is called "Waterline" - a pun of W.E.B. Dubois infamous phrase that "the problem of the 20th Century will be the colorline" - the water that came and destroyed New Orleans didn't care about skin color, and it was about the rapidly changing environment of North America.

Exploring a Media Ecology
Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid
// Quicktime video webcast on WGBH
DJ Spooky Interview Podcast
Dj Spooky interviewed on Steve Gordon ESQ's "The Future of the Music Business" show for
April 13, 2002

Video Stream

The Sounds of Katrina
As New Orleans prepares to celebrate Mardi Gras, Weekend America sent DJ Spooky there to share his experiences in the city through words and music.
DJ Spooky Interview Podcast
Dj Spooky interviewed by Steve Gordon ESQ about the Future of the Music Business for
John Henry 5000 Remix
DJ Spooky's remix of "Colossus of New York" with Colson Whitehead reading from his novel of the same name.
DJ Spooky at WNYC Radio
DJ Spooky in conversation with Vijay Iyer and Ibrahim Quraishi on Soundcheck with John Schaefer. 7/14/04
DJ Spooky and Ryuichi Sakamoto at Comme des Garçons
DJ Spooky exclusive web mix
Abstrakt Blowback '03: The Satyagraha mix
DJ Spooky exclusive web mix
Live on J-Wave – Tokyo 1/19/02
DJ Spooky exclusive web mix
Prosthetica 2000
DJ Spooky exclusive web mix
Blahzay, Blahzay: hip-hop mix
DJ Spooky exclusive web mix
Live @ Knitting Factory 4/13/02
Live @ Knitting Factory 4/13/02

DJ Spooky albums:
o Optometry (Thirsty Ear) [July 2002] THI 57121.2 [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Modern Mantra (Shadow/Instinct) (DJ mix record) [May 2002] SDW 135-2 [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Under the Influence (Six Degrees) (DJ mix record) [September 2001] PRCD 1056-2
o Riddim Warfare (Outpost-Geffen) [September 1998]
o Haunted Breaks Volumes I and II (Liquid Sky Music) [October & December 1998]
o Synthetic Fury EP (Asphodel Records 0110) [February 1998] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Songs of a Dead Dreamer (Asphodel Records 0961) [April 1996] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Necropolis (Knitting Factory Works KFW 185) [March 1996]

DJ Spooky singles/EPs
o Optometrix 12” (Thirsty Ear) [June 2003] THI 57132.1
o Catechsim featuring Killah Priest (Synchronic) [August 2002] SYC 002
o Subliminal Minded EP-Peace in Zaire Remixes (Bar None Records) [October 1999]
o Peace in Zaire (with remixes by Ambassador Jr., and The Dub Pistols) promotional/White Label Only (Outpost/Geffen) [April 1999]
o Object Unknown (with remixes by DJ Spooky and Kut Masta Kurt) (Outpost/Geffen CD; Asphodel vinyl) [August 1998]
o Galactic Funk (Asphodel 101) [1996]

Paul D. Miller and miscellaneous albums
o ftp>snd>untitled> Nest Magazine CD, accompanying November 2001 issue
o Another Forensic Charade, accompanying catalogue to exhibition at Magasin 3, Stockholm, Sweden, September – December 2001 (limited edition)
oThe Viral Sonata Asphodel Records. Originally accompanied installation for The Whitney Biennial 1997.
o Death in Light of the Phonograph: Excursions into the Pre-linguistic Asphodel Records [September 1996] (limited edition) Originally accompanied installation at Annina Nosei Gallery.

Collaborative Releases and mix records
o In Fine Style: 50,000 Volts of Trojan Records [June 2006] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Drums of Death [April 2005] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Celestial Mechanix a label mix for Thirsty Ear Records [June 2004] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Riddim Clash with Twilight Circus (PLAY Label) April 2004
o Dubtometry fearturing Mad Professor, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and others - a remix of “Optometry (Thirsty Ear) [March 2003] THI 57128.2 [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Catechism (DJ Spooky w/Killah Priest) (Blue Juice Records/UK) BJ007 [6/26/01]
o Anodyne (Main, core and Peripheral mixes) Picture disk w/Sound Secretion (BSI Records) Cat. BSI 014-1[10/00]
o The Quick and the Dead DJ Spooky and Scanner (Sulphur Records) Meld series [1/31/00] Cat No. MELCD001 (UK) BBWULCD004 (US)
o DJ Spooky vs. The Freight Elevator Quartet File Under Futurism Caipirinha Records [September 1999]
o Cinemage by Ryuichi Sakamota w/ David Sylvian [2000]
o 10” DJ Spooky and Merzbo (Manifold Records) [2000]
o 10” DJ Spooky and Quoit (Manifold Records) [2000]
o 10” DJ Spooky and Arto Lindsay (Manifold Records) [July 1999]
o Kaotik : Transgression DJ Spooky and Totemplow (Manifold Records) [June 1999]
o 10” DJ Spooky and Alan Licht (Manifold Records) [1998]
o Template 12” DJ Spooky and Totemplow (Manifold Records) [1998]

Film scores
o Quattro Noza (Fountainhead Films) Sundance competition finalist (2003)
o SLAM (Offline/Tri-Mark) Grand Prize winner, Sundance (1998); Cannes, Camera D'Or (1998) October 1998 commercial release.

Multimedia, web and misc. projects
o Marcel Duchamp remix, LA Museum of Contemp. Art (2002)
o Stuzzicadenti DJ Spooky and Diego Cortez [May 2000]

o Sub Rosa Revisited, a catalog mix. Sub Rosa SR 201 [Nov. 2003]
o Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm The Studio R.M.X.S. Tino Corp. [Sept. 2003]
o Merzbow Ikebana Merzbow Important Records [2003]
o Rock the Nation (Dj Spooky sound Unbound instrumental remix) with Michael Franti and Spearhead (Six Degrees Records) [2001] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Kahimi Karie Tilt Polydor KK Records (Japan) [2000]
o Hydroponic Sound System Routine Insanity/Evolution Records [Sept. 2000]
o Show Lee Netsu: Electro: snd>>cd: zero sum mix BMG Funhouse (Japan) BVCR-11015 [Oct. 1999]
o Cibo Matto Swords and Paintbrush Warner Bros. [TBA 1999]
o Steve Reich City Life Coalition/None Such Recordings [March 1999]
o Korn Got the Life Immortal/Epic [November 1998] (Limited Edition)
o Skeleton Key Wide Open (DJ Spooky's Full Spectrum Mix) Capitol Records
o Nick Cave Red Right Hand for Scream 2 soundtrack Capitol Records 12/97
o Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls "The Irony Of It All" 4:41 for Spawn Soundtrack, Immortal/Epic Records, New Line Cinema; 8/97 EK68494
o Arto Lindsay Mundo Civilizado Inversion Mix 7:28, Gramavision 6/97 GLP 79519
o Bally SagooTum Bin Jiya "Isomorphic Flux Mix" 6:47 Higher Ground/Sony
o The Swirlies In Harmony: DJ Spooky's Retrograde Transposition Mix (6:15) Taang! Records
o Free Kitten Jam #1 "Spatialized Chinatown Express Mix" (6:24), Kill Rock Stars 11/97. KRS 286
o Earth Crooked Axis for String Quartet "Kool Stereo Arc" Dub Mix (8:42)
o Hovercraft Stereo Specific Polymerization "Mad Psychotic Hyper-Accelerated Lower East Side Mix" (5:57)
o Walter Ruttman's Weekend for Engaged Magazine Vol. 6, London, UK
o James Plotkin Sawtooth Swirl "DJ Spooky's Irreducible Gated Momentum Dub Mix" (9:40) [1997] (Rawkus ptv 1136-2)
o Ben Neill Sistrum into Grapheme Astralwerks
o Ben Neill Pentagram: La Mer Mix and Undertow Mix (Verve Antilles) 1996
o DJ Krush Ryuki (Lulu's Peace Mix) TVT Records
o Spookey Ruben Incedental Drift Mix TVT Records
o Hooverphonic 2Wicky, Epic
o Sublime Doin' Time (Life Sentence Remix) 5:43 MCA Records; 9/97
o Yoko Ono – "Rising" on "Yes, I'm a Witch" Astralwerks 2006

Tracks on Compilations, Soundtracks and Miscellaneous Releases
o Strictly Turtableyzed Hmm.. on "Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions" (Guidance Recordings) [2004] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o That Subliminal Kid vs. The Last Mohican on "Thirsty Ear Presents The Blue Series Sampler (The Shape of Jazz to Come)" (Thirsty Ear) [2003] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Catechism (instrumental) (Blue Juice Records/UK) BJCD013 [Sept. 2002]
o FTP>Bundle / Conduit 23 on “VA: An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music” (Sub Rosa/SR 190) April 2002 8:07
o If/When on “Scissors” (Play label/Japan; Play 002) 6/01
o Another Forensic Charade on "Electric Ladyland - Clickhop Version 1.0" Mille Plateaux Records 2001 [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Rapper’s Relight on “one:it’s all good, man” Saul Goodman records 2/01
o Reciprocal Presupposition and Dance of the Morlocks on “Condo Painting” soundtrack Gallery Six Records, 4/00
o Conduit 23 for “Wreck This Mess Remission 2” Noise Museum
o Turn Table Eyzd, UMM for Hi-Fidelity Dub Chapter II Guidance Recordings GDRC-575) 1/00
o Interlude DJ Spooky and Vinicius Cantuaria for Onda Sonora (Red Hot and Lisbon)
o Stereo Specific Polymerization (Beneath the Underdog Mix) (Word Sound Records) 10" [1998]
o Reciprocal Presupposition; Seuqigolana (Suntropic Inversion Mix) for The End of Utopia (Sub Rosa/SR132) [1998]
o Haunted: Ill Konceptual Mix for Kunsthaus, Zurich
o Soon Forward, Synaptic Dissonance for Asphodelic (Asphodel) [1999] [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Polymorphia 2000: Ill Konceptual Mix for Kunsthalle, Vienna
o Solar Physics DJ Spooky and Sir Menelik for Rawkus Records
o He Who Leaves No Trace for Invisible Soundtracks (Leaf Records)
o Reconstruction and The 6th Degree [1998] on Electric Ladyland 5 (Mille Plateau 48)
o Discord (album) w/Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Torn and orchestra. Live in Japan. [1997] (Güt/For Life FLCG 3028)
o Iannis Xenakis: Kraanerg (w STX Ensemble) [1997] (Asphodel 0975)
o Iannis Xenakis: Analogiques A + B on Ianissimo! (w/STX Ensemble) [1997] (Vandenburg Wave VAN 0003)
o The Western Lands (A Dangerous Road Mix) w/WiIliam Burroughs, Bill Laswell, etc. on Material; Seven Souls [1997] (Triloka/Mercury 314 534 905)
o Island Of Lost Souls on The Freestyle Files [1997] Studio K7 (Germany)
o Soon Forward, Anansi's Gambit (DJ Spooky's On the Island of the Lost Souls Mix), and Why Patterns on Incursions in Illbient [1997] (Asphodel 0968) [BUY IT AT iTUNES]
o Zero Gravity Dub on Synthetic Pleasures Vol. 2 Caipirinha Productions [1997]
o Black Djinn Trance (w/Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble) on War Smash Hits [1996] (Sub Rosa Records SR 105)
o Primary Inversion on This is Home Entertainment 2 [1996] (Liquid Sky Music/Jungle Sky Records HE 008)
o The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centauri Year 2794 on Dub Terror Exhaust with Bill Laswell [1996] (Subharmonic Records)
o Machinic Phylum (Crippled Symmetries Mix) on Future Audio [1996] (Freeze Records)
o The Nasty Data Burst" & "Journey (Paraspace Mix) on Valis: The Destruction of Syntax (Subharmonic Records)
o In Visual Ocean on Gilles Deleuze: In Memoriam (Mille Plateaux Records)
o Collaboration with Amiri Baraka on Black Dada Nihilismus on Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip [1996] Red Hot/Whitney Museum/Wax Trax-TVT compilation released in conjunction with The Whitney Museum's "The Beats: A Retrospective" installation.
o Temporally Displaced , also on Offbeat
o Step In Stand Clear on Storm of Drones (Sombient)
o Vorticities on State Of the Union [1996] (Atatvistic Records)
o Muzique Mecanique Dub and Muzique Psychotique on Electric Ladyland Vol. 3 (Force X Records).
o Fourth Inversion on The Resonance Found at the Core of the Bubble [1996] (Bubble Core Records)
o Surface Noise (Theme of the Hungry Ghost), Sonic Soul Records 001 [1996]
o Prologue (The Duchamp Effect) on Mind The Gap 15 Gozno Circus GC021 [1997]
o Object Unknown, Pandemonium, and Degree Zero Launch CD-ROM (The Product) [TBA 1998]
o Hologrammic Dub on The Night Shift [1996] (C&S Records)
o Galactic Funk on This is Home Entertainment (Home Entertainment Records/Liquid Sky Music)

Sideman Appearances
o Lost Objects w/Bang on a Can, Concerto Köln, Rias Kammerchor Teldec Classics, Germany 8573-84107-2 [5/01]
o Gary Lucas Golgothaon “Improve the Shining Hour” Knitting Factory [2000]
o Pilgrimage 9 Songs of Ecstasy [1997] Point Music 314 536 201-2/4
o Ben Neill The Gold Bug [1998] Antilles Records
o Arto Lindsay Mundo Civilizado [1996] For Life/Ryko/Bar None